Furniture Barn Consignment     
We'll steer you right!



We feature fine home furnishings. Bring us your attractive, serviceable furniture, china, crystal, pictures, lamps, rugs, collectables, antiques, and other decorative accessories. 
Our customers will love them and you will earn some money. 

Why Use Furniture Barn Consignment?.... 

  •  Avoid the hassle of newspaper ads and having strangers in your home.
  •  Garage sales bring low prices and a limited number of shoppers.
  •  Auctions cannot guarantee reasonable prices.
  •  We stage and display your items in an attractive, high traffic location.
  •  With 6000 square feet of showroom, we are one of the largest consignment stores in the area for pre-owned furniture and accessories.
  •  With over 20 years of business experience and expertise we can advertise and sell your items quickly and for a fair price.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We will accept….
     Most home furnishings, outdoor furniture, and accessories in good condition. 
     However we do not take electrical equipment or clothing. 
     You may bring smaller items to the store and email pictures prior to final consignment. 
     We will be happy to visit your home to see larger or multiple pieces of furniture. 
                                                                     If you consign………

                             We will advertise, display, and sell your merchandise for you. 
   We will gladly do all the work and you will receive 55% of the selling price. 

If you prefer to sell outright.........

      This NO-HASSLE way to sell is our customers preferred option.
      We will gladly purchase one or many of your items. 
      We offer very fair prices and you receive your money immediately.  

We can purchase your entire estate........

     We understand that sometimes it can be a difficult time when working with an estate.
     We not only handle your estate with fairness and professionalism but we do so with the
     highest degree of compassion and care.   
     More people choose our estate services because we really do care and we'll prove it.  

We PICK UP AND deliver

CALL PATTI or MIKE TODAY at 352-326-8220

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